News | March 5, 2024

SEPTA Transit Police Upgrade To Cody Systems Public Safety Suite And Collaborate With Local Pennsylvania Police Through Statewide Police Data-Sharing Network

Philadelphia, PA /PRNewswire/ - The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Transit Police Department is proud to announce a significant advancement in its commitment to public safety through the implementation of CODY Systems' Cloud-based Public Safety Suite and by their participation in the statewide data-sharing Network. The total solution for SEPTA Police includes a cloud-based, PA/National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) compliant Records Management System (RMS), Case Management (CMS) and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) as well as a real-time link to the PA SuperCOBRA Police Data-sharing Network, a statewide initiative that facilitates the real-time exchange of crucial information among law enforcement agencies.

"The adoption of CODY Systems' Public Safety Suite and our participation in the statewide data-sharing effort illustrate our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our passengers, our transit officers, and the communities we serve," said SEPTA Transit Police Chief Charles Lawson . "The CAD system specifically brings a new level of responsiveness and enables us to handle emergency situations with increased agility. The system optimizes dispatch workflows, ensuring that resources are deployed promptly and effectively, and is seamlessly integrated with our RMS, further enhancing our entire operational process – from initial call through final disposition."

In addition to the RMS and CAD upgrades, SEPTA Transit Police is now sharing vital police reports and records data with over 350 PA-based law enforcement agencies through the PA SuperCOBRA Police Data-sharing Network, including police across the Philadelphia metro region.

"By joining the SuperCOBRA Network, we are collaborating with our law enforcement partners like we never have before," Lawson said. "In one quick search, a transit officer stationed anywhere on the system can see a full work-up of a person and their criminal activity across most of the Commonwealth. This provides unparalleled data awareness for our officers."

CODY Systems, nationwide leader in public safety software solutions, offers technology solutions focused on streamlining law enforcement operations, including ease of data entry, detailed investigative analysis, and myriad reporting options, including streamlined validation and submission of PA and Federal NIBRS.

"Armed with the tools they need to respond swiftly and effectively to incidents and the data-awareness that the SuperCOBRA link provides, we look forward to seeing how this collaboration contributes to the broader mission of better visibility into criminal activity across the Commonwealth," Lawson said.

CODY Systems is a PA-based, woman-owned company that provides data-driven solutions to law enforcement and government agencies of all sizes and tiers. Solutions include the scalable, multi-tenant, fully web-based Pathfinder RMS/CAD that provides a CJIS-secure, NIBRS-compliant records management and computer-aided dispatch solution, built on the Microsoft Government Cloud infrastructure and the COBRA data-sharing and aggregation platform for real-time cross system and cross domain sharing.

Source: CODY systems

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