News | September 18, 2008

September Edition Of The "Wonder Of Wireless" Webcast Now Available

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wireless law enforcement, a text savvy teen who saves the day, and an update on where state policymakers stand with the issue of wireless consumer protection are featured segments in this month's "Wonder of Wireless" (WOW) webcast, produced by CTIA-The Wireless Association®, and now available for viewing. The webcast includes several video segments that highlight a variety of wireless related topics involving the mobile enterprise, emergency rescues, significant public policy milestones, and much more.

The "Mobile Enterprise" segment of the September WOW webcast features the Mississippi Department of Transportation and its use of wireless technology to help make the state's thousands of rural roads and highways safer. State officials and law enforcement officers discuss the benefits of improved efficiency and safety they are gaining from wireless with the ability to transmit critical information, conduct truck inspections and routine traffic checks, and verify driver identification in real-time while on the move out in the field.

This month's webcast also highlights a one-on-one "Insider Interview" with CTIA Vice President of External and State Affairs, Dane Snowden, who provides an informative update on recent decisions supporting a national framework of wireless consumer protection standards reached by two national organizations of state legislators and regulators. The "Wireless Lifesaver" story recounts a quick-thinking Ohio teenager who texted her way to safety after discovering intruders in her home, and the WOW "Policy Point" examines a pending bill in the U.S. Senate called the Cell Tax Fairness Act of 2008.

Another element of the September WOW webcast is the #2 U.S. Wireless Moment, as selected by visitors to; in 1946, AT&T deploys the first mobile radio system in St. Louis, Missouri. This early system laid the groundwork for the concept of "cellular" to enter the scene, and ultimately helped make the dream of wireless become a reality for millions of Americans today.

CTIA is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers.

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