Service Body

Source: Reading Body Works, Inc.
Service Body
The Aerotech service body is capable of handling an aerial bucket mounted in the cargo area.

The Aerotech service body - said to be the only all-steel aerodynamic service body in the marketplace-from Reading Body Works is capable of handling an aerial bucket mounted in the cargo area. The all-steel construction allows the consumer to outfit the service body with an aerial bucket without requiring special body modifications.

Adding an aerial bucket to the service body presents many advantages, including the need for only one truck to report a job site. Line personnel can transport tools and equipment in the weathertight exterior storage compartments, allowing them to be ready for any job situation.

The service body is made of two-sided zinc coated A60 galvannealed steel. Other features include concealed compartment door hinges and automotive style rotary locks make the service body tamper proof.

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