Sewer Liner System

Source: JPCI Services (Joseph Painting Company, Inc.)
Sewer Liner System
Sewer Shield Liner 100 is a 100% solids solvent free, low odor, epoxy liner system
JPCI Services (Joseph Painting Company, Inc.)r Shield Liner 100 is a 100% solids solvent-free, low odor, epoxy liner system. The liner is impervious to a variety of acids, solvents, caustic solutions, oils, grease, and other chemicals. This system is formulated in various setting times and has virtually no odor; it can be used as a protection system for use in the food, dairy, meat beverage, brewery, and chemical industries. This product's formula incorporates adhesion promoters and stress-recovering additives to provide a strong bond to most surfaces including damp concrete. It also resists most cracking from thermal or physical abuse.

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