Soil Reinforcement Geogrids

Source: TC Mirafi
The company's HS and Miragrid XT geogrids are designed for soil reinforcement

The company's HS and Miragrid XT geogrids are designed for soil reinforcement. The HS is woven from high-molecular weight, polyester yarns and can achieve high ASTM D 4595 tensile strengths of up to 43,200 lb/ft. It features GRI-GT7 long-term design strengths of up to 21,422 lb/ft and is creep resistant. This product is engineered for soil reinforcement on embankments, on soft foundations, retaining walls and steep slopes. Environmental uses include liner support, voids bridging, and reinforcement over soft pond closures.

The polymer-coated, woven XT geogrid is designed to provide uniaxial tensile strength, high dimensional stability, and excellent resistance to creep, hydrolysis, and chemical attack under normal soil conditions. This product is flexible enough to resist rolling back after installation and has no sharp edges that might cause injuries. It can be used to reinforce steep slopes and soil and retaining walls, as well as in landfills to bridge potential voids and improve veneer stability.

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