Special Units

Source: Murdock, Inc
Special Units
The answer to ADA compliance in an attractive hydrant...
The answer to ADA compliance in an attractive hydrant! Easy to use paddle handle(shown) allows the user to hook the bucket on the outlet, and with a little leverage applied, start the water flowing. Perfect for campsites, parks or any location. Outlet to grade distance is typically 18 inches.

PBF1 Pool and Beach Shower
All-in-one fixture. Fountain, foot-wash and shower combination. Fixtures are chrome plated brass. Very good for areas where a fountain and footwash are needed.
Winterizing valve model available(AFC-1). Either unit can also be ordered without fountain or footwash.

Prevent unauthorized use. Protective steel cover prevents access to valve. Cap and user supplied padlock install easily and prevents any tampering with the hydrant.

When the need arises to service the hydrant, turn off just the unit and not the whole system. The R-01 is attached by a special plate to the hydrant for ease of installation and service. R-01 is available for serveral hydrant models.

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