Specialty Safety Hammers

Source: Nupla Corporation
Specialty Safety Hammers
These non-sparking safety hammers are made with NUPLAGLAS
These non-sparking safety hammers are made with NUPLAGLAS LIFETIME fiberglass handles. The hammers do not absorb industrial or hazardous chemicals, clean easily, and do not splinter or fracture, even when exposed to harsh environments. Each one is backed by a lifetime warranty and they meet all OSHA requirements for use in locations where flammable vapors or combustible residues are present. They also meet or exceed US Government specifications for non-sparking hand tools.

Designed to accommodate hundreds of precision applications, MICRO-STRIKE miniature mallet sets offer versatility for craftsmen of all kinds. Striking heads interchange quickly and easily, locking securely in place for accurate and solid striking. Three and six head sets are available with a wide variety of striking face material options including size molded non-marring heads from soft to extra hard, copper, brass, and aluminum.

STRIKE-PRO hammers feature the manufacturer's patented POWER DRIVE dead blow technology, producing a high driving force while virtually eliminating rebound. The composite dead blow assembly is completely encased within a tough polypropylene outer jacket for lifetime durability. Specially formulated non-marring and surface protective striking faces are engineered to withstand years of usage, and the ergonomic grip design helps reduce user fatigue.

The patented shot-loaded composite interior cavities of POWER DRIVE dead blow hammers are encased in a tough polymer outer jacket to produce high striking power and little rebound. The hammers feature specially engineered striking face material, providing surface protection and durability. A brass face option is available on the 32-oz. version. The ergonomic grip helps reduce user fatigue.

The specially engineered body material of the SPI IMPAX soft face dead blow hammers produces enhanced non-marring qualities while eliminating metallic contamination. The hammers feature the patented POWER DRIVE technology and a broad range of replaceable striking faces (tips), ranging from super soft to extra hard. Brass striking faces are available on the 1½ in. and 2 in. versions.

SPS composite soft face hammers feature striking surfaces that range from super soft to extra hard, accommodating a wide variety of uses. The fiberglass reinforced composite body offers enhanced non-marring protection. Brass striking faces are available for the 1½ in. and 2 in. versions. The composite construction eliminates metallic contamination and metal-to-metal scratching or marring.

Nupla brass hammers are designed for applications requiring tremendous driving force in a compact size. Ergonomic non-slip grips reduce user fatigue, and the NUPLAGLAS fiberglass is designed to outlast a wooden handled hammer 10 to 1.

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