Spray Shield™ Directed Sprayer

Source: Wylie Manufacturing Company
Spray Shield™ Directed Sprayer
Spray all the weeds, not just the middles, without chemical or mechanical damage to the crop.
Spray all the weeds, not just the middles, without chemical or mechanical damage to the crop.

  • Wide angle nozzles for broadcast coverage.
  • Low profile shields glide below foliage for plant protection and fast speeds.
  • Durable aluminum shields.
  • High clearance frame for mid to late season applications.
  • Comes complete with tank, pump and controller.
Spray Shield Is Suspended Above Ground; No Skids Or Wheels To Create Dust And Limit Chemical Effectiveness. Shield Protected By Parallel Linkages And Rotating Shank Which Also Makes Tip Cleanout Easy.

Low Profile Shield Can Be Used From Early Season To Late Layby Application With Minimal Crop Damage As Compared To Competitive Units.

Spray Is Directed Across The Weeds While The Shield Protects The Crop Foliage. No Need To Worry About Crop Damage With The Low-Profile Aluminum Shield...Even During Those Mid To Late Season Applications.

Backswept 15º Spray Pattern Allows Spray Tip Pattern To Apply Chemical Evenly By Allowing The Tip To Spray As Designed. Applies Pattern Into Crop Row Without Risking Exposure To Cotton Plant.

Low Profile Shield Is Specifically Tapered To Fit Cotton Row. It Minimizes Drift By Maximizing Spray Pattern Protection Under The Shield.

Two 110º Tips Per Row (Versus Three Tips Per Row On Hooded Sprayers) Allows Use Of Larger Tip Sizes Resulting In Fewer Plug-Ups And Less Drift From Atomization While Providing Full Coverage.

Straight Bar Spray Shields Are Standard Equipped With The "Switchback" Transport System. The Gauge Wheels Also Function As Transport Wheels. Change From One Configuration To The Other Takes Less Than 5 Minutes.

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