Spraycore 2000 OS/HS

Source: ITW SprayCore
Spraycore 2000 OS/HS
Sprayable Print Barrier/Coring/Bonding Putty
  • Makes parts stronger, lighter and improves impact resistance
  • Effectively blocks print through
  • Excellent bedding material for products such as plywood, balsa and other coring materials, superior bonding strength
  • Rapid application and quick cure cycle make for faster mold turnaround, which decreases labor costs
  • Increases mold life by blocking secondary laminate heat and print through
  • Replaces labor intensive, trowel-applied core bonding putties
  • Relatively low shrinkage, therefore giving better dimensional stability prior to and after demolding
  • Easily applied with minimal spraying experience
  • Effectively blocks print through in thickness from .06"-.12" (depending on back-up laminate and coring used)
  • SprayCore 2000-OS can be applied up to ½" and SprayCore 2000-HS up to ¾" thick for coring

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