News | March 31, 2014 Contributes To Traffic Safety With Solar Road Studs


InSite Solutions is excited to add Solar Road Studs to their traffic safety products.

Wake Forest, NC (PRWEB) - Driving with limited visibility at night can be very dangerous. explains that 90% of driver’s reaction time depends on vision, therefore it is not surprising that fatal accidents occur three times more during the night than during the day. However, there is a new safe and sustainable option for driving during the hours of darkness. is excited to offer solar road studs which are solar powered illumitated reflectors that can be used in place of traditional reflective road studs.

Solar road studs have an advantage over reflective road studs by giving drivers a 30 second reaction time while reflective road studs only give a 3.2 seconds reaction time, while driving 62 miles per hour. With 10 times greater visibility for drivers, solar road studs could help to reduce accident rates by over 70%. These road studs usually have a higher upfront cost, but they are more cost effective in the long run, and safety can be priceless. Also, the quantity needed for solar road studs differs from traditional road reflectors for they are not always necessary to line an entire highway. Instead, they would be most valuable in areas where there is a high accident risk such as winding roads with poor delineation, sharp turns, or sites where street lighting is not available. In terms of durability and selection, embedded and surface mounted options are available, as well as a cast iron housing to protect each stud from snow plough damage.

Ten years ago, the option of continuously luminous or blinking road studs would not have been available due to their high cost and difficulty of maintenance. Fortunately, as technology continues to advance, is excited to offer improved road safety methods which are becoming increasingly easier to implement.

Please visit for complete product information or check out an informational video here. is a part of InSite Solutions, the manufacturer of Superior Mark tape.

InSite specializes in floor marking solutions that increase safety, organization, and efficiency in the workplace. They offer Superior Mark and a variety of other traffic control solutions for sale on their ecommerce website,


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