Straw Wattles

Source: California Straw Works
Straw Wattles
Straw Wattles filter stormwater runoff water
  • Filter stormwater runoff water
  • Abut end to end tightly and do not leak between wattles
  • Can be laid along the edge of the sidewalks to keep soil on site and prevent it from washing onto pavement and asphalt

Straw bale dikes leak at the abutment points, plug rapidly with sediment and use a large amount of raw material. When the height of the straw bale is not needed, STRAW WATTLES can be used more effectively.


  • spread overland waterflow
  • trap sediment to prevent erosion
  • can be wrapped around storm drain inlets to slow water and settle out sediment

Earth dikes are erosive in themselves, and channel water into concentrated flows that cause further erosion.

Brush barriers are not practical for construction projects because of their expense. STRAW WATTLES are less expensive and more effective.

STRAW WATTLES are more efficient than silt fences and don't have to be removed.

STRAW WATTLES are velocity dissipation devices!

  • They work as check dams to prevent sheet erosion as well as rill and gully development

STRAW WATTLES are level spreaders!

  • They capture sediment and spread water rather than concentrating the flow and volume like drainage swales.

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