Structural Rehabilitation

Source: Gelco Services, Inc.
Structural Rehabilitation
Gelco Services is an industry leader in structural repair and rehabilitation of concrete
Gelco Services is an industry leader in structural repair and rehabilitation of concrete. Gelco's professional crews have successfully stopped leaks on dams, water reservoirs, retaining walls, buildings, and manholes. Utilizing a vast arsenal of material and equipment, Gelco's certified technicians assess each unique jobsite condition and formulate the proper grout for that particular application. The following are some of the types of work Gelco can do for you:

Slabjacking/Stabilization: Gelco personnel can stabilize a concrete slab that shows movement or raise a sunken slab using our unique grouting methods.

Dam Restoration: Gelco has successfully performed joint repair, crack repair, and installed waterstops on major and minor dams throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

Manhole Sealing/Coating: One of the largest sources of infiltration are manholes. Gelco has performed countless projects in which Gelco has sealed all leaks, in some cases reducing the groundwater infiltration levels at the treatment plant by millions of gallons per day. In addition to stopping the leaks, Gelco can apply a cementious and/or epoxy coating to structurally rehabilitate older brick and concrete manholes.

Pressure Grouting/Soil Stabilization: Gelco is the contractor to call for pressure grouting and soil stabilization. Gelco can stabilize loose gravel and soil to prevent sluff during digging operations. Additionally, Gelco's trained personnel have the ability and equipment to pressure inject grout into the ground as a water cutoff.

Crack Sealing, Epoxy Injection, and Joint Caulking are tasking that Gelco has successfully performed for contractors, governmental agencies, and municipalities.

Gelco has been the West Coast leader in chemical grouting technology for nearly three decades and is an approved Sika, ThoRoc, Chemtron, Avanti, Strata-Tech, and 3M contractor.

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