SWS Model DH-5 UV Disinfection System

Source: Safe Water Solutions
Advanced sensor design and microprocessor control overcome problems traditionally associated with UV systems

  • High Inactivation Rates Over a Wide Range of Microorganisms and Viruses
  • Precisely Controlled Flow Pattern Delivers Multiple Doses to Ensure Inactivation
  • Unique Double Helical Flow Action Enhances Inactivation in Highly Turbid Water
  • Continuous Monitoring of Dose at the Specific Germicidal Wavelength
  • Designed to Eliminate Short Circuiting, Overcome Shadowing and Shear Clumps and Slimes
  • Anti-Fouling Design, Self Cleaning, No Moving Parts
  • Teflon Coated Quartz Sleeves Resist Fouling and Reduce Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Quality, Low Maintenance Components


The SWS Model DH-5 system includes five disinfection chambers, each with four lamp assemblies and UV detector. The system is microprocessor controlled with a LCD display integrally mounted in a control panel where lamp drives, switching contactors and safety circuits are located. The entire assembly is conveniently skid mounted using a 316L stainless steel frame.


Water enters the system through a flow meter. Detectors mounted on the outer wall of the irradiation chambers measure the intensity of the 253.7nm signal received as water passes through the chamber. From the flow rate and intensity signals, the microprocessor computes and displays actual dose, water translucency, and flow rate. The flow within each disinfection chamber is directed by fixed blades on the inner wall of the chamber which induce a double helical flow pattern preventing shadowing. This ensures that the flowing water receives multiple doses of the germicidal wavelength. Clumps and slimes are drawn through the gaps between the stator blades and broken down by the shearing flow action. They are then irradiated as they pass through the chamber. The teflon coated quartz sleeve, housing the UV lamps, has a non-stick surface which minimizes fouling. The vigorous turbulence in the chamber creates a natural scouring action.

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