TerraDrain Prefabricated Drainage System

Source: Webtec, Inc.
TerraDrain Prefabricated Drainage System
TerraDrain Sheet Drains offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional drainage systems
TerraDrain Sheet Drains offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional drainage systems. TerraDrain 101 consists of a nonwoven fabric attached to a polymeric dimpled core. TerraDrain 50 is a lighter version of the 101. TerraDrain 121 has a membrane backing compatible with soft waterproofing systems. TerraDrain 203 utilizes a heavier-duty core and high-strength woven fabric for horizontal applications.

TerraDrain Strip Drains can often replace trench or pipe drainage systems. Composed of a polymeric core surrounded by a nonwoven fabric, this product features high flow capacities and reduced excavation needs.

Conventional aggregate drainage systems are costly and difficult to install. TerraDrain Sheet Drains offer a modern, cost-effective drainage alternative. They replace aggregate backfill in many drainage applications. TerraDrain reduces hydrostatic pressure and conveys ground water away from the structure. Protection board systems can often be enhanced or replaced by TerraDrain.

TerraDrain Sheet Drains are composed of a drainage fabric adhered by a reattachable glue to a dimpled, high-strength, polymeric core. The dimpled core permits mechanical interlocking of adjacent panels to resist pulling apart during backfill operations.

TerraDrain 101 - the original TerraDrain, utilizes a nonwoven fabric for vertical applications.

TerraDrain 121 - a polymeric membrane backing is behind the TerraDrain 101 core to make compatible with soft waterproofing materials.

TerraDrain 50 - a lightweight version of the TerraDrain 101.

TerraDrain 203 - utilizes a higher strength core and a high modulus woven fabric for horizontal applications.

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