TerraTex Geotextiles for Soil Drainage

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TerraTex Geotextiles for Soil Drainage
TerraTex nonwoven fabrics are designed and manufactured for many construction applications
TerraTex nonwoven fabrics are designed and manufactured for many construction applications. They perform the three primary functions of a geotextile: separation -separating the native subgrade from an aggregate layer, reinforcement - reinforcing an area by distributing weight over a wider area, and filtration retaining Soil while allowing the passage of water. TerraTex nonwoven fabrics have a random, three dimensional pore structure and are highly water permeable as is necessary in many geotextile end uses. A range of fabric weights is offered to meet the requirements of various nonwoven applications.

TerraTex N04
Standard drainage geotextile which meets or exceeds commonly specified Department of Transportation and commercial drainage protection requirements.

TerraTex N03
Drainage geotextile which meets AASHTO Subsurface M288-92, Subsurface Drainage - Class B specifications as well as many D.O.T. and other requirements.

TerraTex SD
Extra-strength drainage fabric designed for applications requiring high water permeability and burst resistance.

TerraTex S04
Spunbond fabric effective in many drainage protection and separation/stabilization applications. Has high tensile strength.

TerraTex P01.5,P03
Lightweight polyester fabrics which meet commonly specified requirements for leach field protection and pipe wrap.

TerraTex N04.5, N05, N06, N07, N08, N10, N12, N16
Heavyweight fabrics for multiple applications: embankment protection, erosion control ground stabilization, geomembrane underliner, railroad bed stabilization, heavy duty drainage protection, separation.

TerraTex OL
Paving fabric designed to retard reflective cracking and extend the life of asphalt overlays. Meets commonly specified requirements.

TerraTop WC
Water permeable fabric which reduces weed growth while allowing plants to be watered and the soil to breathe, UV resistant.

TerraTex nonwoven geotextiles are made of specially formulated polypropylene to insure resistance to most soil chemicals, rot, mildew, acids and alkalies in a pH range from 3 to 12.

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