TerraTex GS

Source: Webtec, Inc.

TerraTex GS
The Next Generation in Ground Stabilization Fabrics
The increasing use of building sites in marginal or poor soil areas and the necessity to hold the line on construction costs have led to the widespread use of ground stabilization fabrics. Contractors, engineers, and owners across the country know that fabrics save money in materials, time, and maintenance. TerraTex GS is an advanced fabric that utilizes the latest developments in polymer science, textile manufacturing technology, and quality control to offer the best value in ground stabilization fabrics.

TerraTex GS is used in similar fashion to earlier geotextiles in that it performs the functions of separation and reinforcement

TerraTex GS offers the advantage of savings in aggregate depth up to 40% in unpaved systems and approximately 20% in paved systems.

Traffic loads (or compaction during construction) typically cause a mixing of the high cost aggregate and subgrade. This intermixing can occur in both paved and unpaved structures. As the subgrade pumps into the aggregate, the supportive strength of the aggregate is lost and rutting or pavement cracking can result. TerraTex GS with its high puncture resistance, acts as a barrier to prevent this wasteful mixing.

TerraTex GS is put into tension as traffic loads are applied. The extremely high modulus (resistance to stretching) of TerraTex GS causes it to absorb those loadings and distribute them over a large area. The resulting decrease in pressure on the subgrade can result in a significant reduction in required aggregate depth.

Fabric Installation
Installation of TerraTex GS is straightforward as shown. The rolls are designed for ease of transporting and handling in the field. When more than one width of fabric is installed, the fabric edges must be overlapped one to three feet depending on soil conditions (different measures may be required in especially poor soils). TerraTex GS is extremely tough but is not indestructible. Operation of vehicles directly on the fabric should be avoided and on uncompacted sections should be done by experienced personnel only.

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