TerraTex GS-150

Source: Webtec, Inc.
TerraTex GS-150
Stabilization Fabric Designed For Use Beneath Paved Systems
The repair or reconstruction of paved surfaces can quickly use up the funds in a maintenance budget. When properly applied, TerraTex GS-150 construction fabric can help to extend the life of these surfaces and thereby reduce maintenance expenses. TerraTex GS-150 is a lightweight, strong and inexpensive geotextile designed for use beneath paved surfaces such as streets, parking lots, tennis courts, and driveways.

In a typical paving application, several inches of compactable aggregate are placed directly on firm, dry subgrade. An asphalt or concrete wearing course is then laid on top. when adequately designed for actual traffic loads, these systems should last for quite a few years. One reason that some of these paved surfaces do not last is the breakdown of the aggregate support layer. If the subgrade becomes wet, soil fines can work their way up into the aggregate layer and reduce its load bearing capacity.

When this happens, the system can no longer support designed loads and is especially vulnerable to heavy vehicles like trash collectors, delivery trucks and moving vans. The end result is a badly cracked surface course that will require expensive repairs. A layer of TerraTex GS-150 placed between the subsoil and the aggregate layer will all but eliminate the movement of soil fines into the aggregate base. In addition, the fabric provides a high friction surface between the subgrade and the aggregate layer which helps to keep the aggregate from "spreading".

Also, because of its high modulus (resistance to stretching) TerraTex GS-150 will tend to bridge across soft areas in the subgrade. This will reduce the potential for localized shear failure that can lead to cracks and pot holes in the wearing surface.

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