The Hose Monster

Source: Hydro Flow Products
The Hose Monster is designed to test fire pumps and rooftop
Hydro Flow Productsnster is designed to test fire pumps and rooftop standpipes and to flush and test fire hydrants. This product cancels the damaging force that makes measuring water flow both difficult and dangerous.

Hydro Flow Productsnster internally neutralizes force at any flow rate; it can even be relocated by hand while flowing. The force of high velocity water is minimized, eliminating discharge damage to sod, pavement and rooftops as well as doing away with lane closures and traffic detours.

This product reduces costs and testing times. It also eliminates the need for play pipes, which requires fewer hoses, less set-up and testing time, resulting in lower costs.

It is engineered to provide the most accurate flow measurement readings, thanks to a built-in pitot or an internal orifice plate.

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