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Twenty-Three Cities And Towns In New York State Select CIMCON Lighting Solutions In 2020

Smart lighting controls and NearSky smart city platform improve public safety and reduce energy costs, while providing opportunity for future smart city services

Burlington, MA /PRNewswire/ - CIMCON Lighting, the leading global provider of smart city technologies, announced today that 23 New York cities and towns have selected its smart streetlight controls and NearSky smart city platform for initial or expanded deployment this year. When completed, the installation of the streetlight controls and smart city applications such as traffic analytics, noise and gunshot detection, air quality monitoring and road temperature measurement will help improve public safety, conserve energy and maintenance costs, and provide an easy way for these New York cities and towns to naturally progress along their smart city journey.

CIMCON's smart lighting system provides cities and towns with the ability to provide a better quality of lighting for residents and more effectively manage streetlight assets. Key benefits of the system include reducing energy costs through adaptive dimming during off-peak hours, significantly reduced maintenance and repair costs by reducing maintenance trips from typical "three trip repairs" to "one trip repairs", extending LED fixture life by eliminating day-burners and dimming, and providing superior asset management.

As the most prevalent piece of real estate in any city or town, the streetlight pole is capable of providing much more than lighting. It is the foundation on which to build a smart city and ultimately a new economy that we call the "Pole Economy". CIMCON's NearSky smart city platform removes the obstacles faced by cities and towns by providing Power, Permitting and Processing for devices located on or near the streetlight pole. The NearSky 360 hub device provides an easy way to power devices, meter the energy consumed by them, and deliver a secure communication network that can transmit data back into the cloud after processing it right at the pole. The NearSky 360 also removes the need for permitting as drilling into the streetlight pole is not required. A powerful onboard processor enables the platform to be able to provide data and access to 3rd party developers to create innovative applications that in the future can create new revenue streams for a city.

Cities and towns in New York have implemented several applications from over a dozen currently supported by the NearSky platform. These include traffic analysis, road temperature measurement, noise and gunshot detection, air quality monitoring, and more. The traffic analysis application is providing time stamped data on traffic volume, vehicle sizes and speed on two and four lane roadways allowing cities and towns to better understand and mitigate challenges related to rush hour traffic and other road conditions. The road temperature measurement application is using non-invasive sensors to provide cities and towns with accurate information about road surface temperatures in order to proactively treat roadways, especially during these winter months. CIMCON's air quality application is providing real-time, continuous measurements of key air pollutants, enabling cities and towns to make informed decisions about outdoor activities, alert residents during periods of poor air quality, and monitor pollution sources such as industrial facilities. The noise and gunshot detection application is providing the ability to easily monitor potentially dangerous situations in real-time through the receipt of audio and location data from an event scene.

The New York State cities and towns that are implementing CIMCON's solutions include: Oneonta, Port Jefferson, Utica, Greece, Tonawanda, Schenectady, Skaneateles, Salina, Homer, Fallsburg, Williamson, Cayuga Heights, Farmington, Butler, Ontario, Sodus Point, Clyde, Tusten, New Hartford, South Nyack and Hartwick, in addition to Sullivan County. The City of Syracuse is expanding its engagement with CIMCON, that was started in 2019 with the award of 17,500 smart lighting controls, and is now adding NearSky applications throughout the city.

"This has been a very productive year for CIMCON in the State of New York," said Anil Agrawal, CIMCON CEO. "This achievement is the result of tremendous collaboration between CIMCON and our local partners, and the trust that these cities and towns have bestowed upon us. We are committed to helping these cities and towns improve resident quality of life and city operations both today and into the future."

With a heritage of over 25 years of innovation and experience in industrial automation and outdoor wireless applications, CIMCON provides the most proven and most complete smart city solutions to global cities and utilities. The company is the world's leading provider of scalable, intelligent wireless outdoor lighting management solutions for traditional, LED and solar-based streetlights, and the company's smart city platform provides an easy way to deploy, manage and maintain smart city devices and applications. Focused on offering solutions that provide the lowest "Lifecycle Cost of Ownership," CIMCON provides hardware and software technologies that allow cities and utilities to monitor, maintain and in many cases, monetize their assets and other devices on or near the light pole. CIMCON's "Just in Time Lighting™," reduces energy, maintenance and repair costs while improving the quality of lighting services and enabling the path to a smart city. For more information, please visit

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