Utility Meter Reading

Source: RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.
Utility Meter Reading
RouteSmart's GIS-based meter reading route optimization
RouteSmart's GIS-based meter reading route optimization solutions are for the utility industry. The once tedious, manual process of constructing and maintaining balanced routes becomes easier through the suite of RouteSmart meter reading and utility industry solutions. Features include:

•Works in a GIS-based environment
•Algorithms designed for the needs of meter reading within gas, electric and water utility industry environments
•Provides as many computerized operating plans as necessary (seasonal plans for winter versus summer, missed reads, etc.)
•Automatically balances driving, walking and combination travel mode routes
•Reduces personnel, vehicles, vehicle miles, nonproductive time and expensive overtime
•Integrates route and meter data with handheld and automatic meter reading devices
•Prints detailed route directions and maps of service areas as well as individuals routes
•Enables "what if" scenarios to quickly evaluate routing changes
•Route optimization outsourcing project solutions available

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