Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drills

Source: Vermeer Manufacturing Company
Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drills
Vermeer is the worldwide industry leader in the horizontal directional drilling market
Vermeer is the worldwide industry leader in the horizontal directional drilling market. The Vermeer NAVIGATOR line of horizontal directional units is ideal for the underground installation of gas, electric, water, telecommunication or soil remediation lines – without excavation or trenching. Horizontal directional drilling ensures minimal or no environmental disruption and is an excellent choice for installations in diverse rock and soil conditions. Directional underground drilling can be used for many different types of jobs, including road, landscape and river crossings.

NAVIGATOR horizontal directional drilling units install utilities by pilot boring underground. The system uses a removable drill head matched to soil conditions by the operator and a series of drill rods to push and rotate the head. Once the pilot bore is completed, a reamer/backreamer is attached to the drill rod and pulled back – enlarging the bore wall to comfortably accommodate the product wire, conduit or pipe that is subsequently pulled into place.

Vermeer NAVIGATOR units combine efficient rod loaders, rugged construction, intelligent technology and high torque to help tackle the toughest of projects. Proprietary directional drilling technology, superior fabrication and a worldwide network of on-site certified boring specialists keep you in the field – not in the shop. Talk to your Vermeer dealer today!

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