Vermeer Vibratory Plows

Source: Vermeer Manufacturing Company
Vermeer Vibratory Plows
Designed for long-distance fiber-optic, water and gas installations
Designed for long-distance fiber-optic, water and gas installations, vibratory plows from Vermeer perform. These revolutionary utility service machines provide enough flotation and maneuverability to handle tough installation jobs. With full power turns, counterrotation, automotive-style steering and fully hydrostatic drives, vibratory plows are able to perform in muddy, greasy, soft and other adverse ground conditions.

The steerable design of the plows allow you to offset outside the tracks, while uncluttered operator consoles take the work out of maneuvering — letting the user focus on trenching or plowing. Whether you're facing boulder-ridden terrain full of rocky soil or wet sandy conditions, vibratory plow units from Vermeer have the weight, horsepower and strength to succeed.

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