Winter Road Maintenance

Source: Tiger Calcium Services, Inc.
Winter Road Maintenance
Liquid calcium chloride is used for freeze-proofing sane, frewetting sand or salt, or can be directly applied as a liquid de-icer

Liquid calcium chloride, featured at the APWA Exposition in Las Vegas, is used for freeze-proofing sand, frewetting sand or salt, or can be directly applied as a liquid de-icer.

Liquid calcium chloride when used in conjunction with road salt begins melting ice and snow immediately. This creates a brine that acts as a catalyst for the salt, stimulating its melting reaction.

Calcium chloride-coated salt penetrates the ice and snow to reach the pavement and begin an undercutting process, thus breaking the bond with the roadway and facilitating efforts to clear the roads. As snow and ice melts, abrasives are anchored to the road, improving traction and preventing material from migrating to the roadside, thus reducing the frequency of reapplication.

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