WORKdirector -Work Management Software

Source: CarteGraph Systems, Inc.
WORK<I>director</I> -Work Management Software
Managing work activities includes tracking the labor, materials, and equipment involved in maintenance activities
Managing work activities includes tracking the labor, materials, and equipment involved in maintenance activities. CarteGraph software processes work requests and work orders through an automated system to give departments a better grasp on their two most important resources: time and materials.


When you need quick, accurate and detailed answers, you'll find that paper records and spreadsheet programs just can't compete with the power, efficiency, versatility and user-friendliness of WORKdirector! This unique program is a comprehensive tool for the management of all work activities that occur within a public works department. The interactive and virtually limitless databases of WORKdirector make it a powerful "container" for vital organization information:

  • work orders and projects
  • work requests
  • public complaints
  • labor records
  • equipment libraries
  • material inventory

These databases work together to help you accurately record labor, equipment and material costs, relate work activities to specific work orders or projects, track maintenance schedules, develop customized queries and reports and much, much more.

One of the real advantages of implementing WORKdirector within your organization is that although many individuals from various departments may be accessing WORKdirector to accomplish their specific tasks on a day-to-day basis, all of this critical data remains in one, easily-accessible location. Because WORKdirector centralizes many of the distributed information recordings and management efforts that go on within public works organizations, it becomes the clearinghouse for such diverse information as inventory levels, employee compensation histories, equipment maintenance schedules, vendor price quotes public complaints, work requests, work orders and standard operating procedures. That means managers know where to turn for the comprehensive information they need to establish budgets, set minimum service response times, track maintenance schedules, make purchasing decisions, etc.

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