XL 2210 Steel Mill Maintenance Machine

Source: The Gradall Company
XL 2210 Steel Mill Maintenance Machine
The Gradall Company's new XL 2210 steel mill maintenance machine provides the advantages of a compact size
The Gradall Company's new XL 2210 steel mill maintenance machine provides the advantages of a compact size, superior power and unique telescoping boom movements to accomplish steel mill maintenance work faster and easier.

The 27,000-pound machine is less than eight feet tall, under eight and a half feet wide and less than 20 feet long with a short rear swing for excellent maneuverability and simplified repositioning in close quarters.

To operate the machine, the operator uses a wireless remote control device. The radio-controlled transmitter, worn using a harness, satisfies objections to devices requiring wires that can tangle or inhibit operator movements. The XL 2210 transmitter controls machine movements and functions while providing the operator with complete freedom of movement to get a better view of the undercarriage and boom.

Convenient joysticks control a pair of hydraulically driven tracks, maneuvering the machine exactly into position. Joysticks also control Gradall's famed boom movements including extending the telescoping boom nearly 28 feet. Using the full swing action and 360-degree tilt, the XL 2210 is a versatile and productive machine when equipped with a hammer, steel mill ripper or handy cleanup bucket.

In BOF maintenance, the XL 2210 is ideal for desculling the converter lip or cleaning and replacing the tap hole. For electric furnaces, the machine also can clean and replace the tap hole as well as remove slag or refractory buildup.

In blast furnaces, the XL 2210 helps maintain hot metal troughs by removing hard slag and refractory brick, plus it's the right size for torpedo car cleanup. And for aluminum smelting maintenance, the XL 2210 is designed for fast and efficient pot cleaning and furnace teardowns.

The machine has optimum boom power and speeds thanks to Gradall's load-sensing high-pressure hydraulics. This flow-on-demand XL Series hydraulics system adjusts automatically to handle the job at hand, whether it's carefully removing furnace lining bricks or handling routine maintenance and cleanup work. Without the guesswork involved in selecting operating "modes," the system delivers the power you need without wasting fuel.

Fully tested in the field, the XL 2210 has a proven Cummins 4BT3.9, 93-horsepower engine. Designed and built for the rigors of steel mill work, the machine has advantages like heavy duty boom rollers for added strength and movement. The boom tilt motor and gear also are located safely away from the working end of the boom.

The XL 2210 also requires only minimal maintenance, and all routine service functions, filter changes and re-fueling can be completed quickly and easily from ground level.

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