Product Showcase

  1. Parson Odoreator Manhole Insert
    A specially designed Manhole Insert, with the addition of a canister containing 20 lbs. of activated carbon, which traps and stores unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors.
  2. Power Prime Pumps
    Western Oilfields Supply Company, active for over 60 years in all aspects of fluid handling produces a quality line of pumps
  3. 21,000 Gallon Bi-Level Tank
    WORKSAFE Bi-Level steel tanks are available with or without an epoxy coated interior
  4. Emergency, Security, and Crisis Management Planning
    Technical Response Planning Corporation (TRP) specializes in developing enterprise-wide solutions for Emergency, Security, and Crisis Management planning.
  5. SW3300 Cyclone Concrete Breaker
    The Cyclone model SW3300 breaker is by far the hardest hitting breaker that can be mounted to a skid steer loader. Nearly 3500 FT. LBS
  6. P376 flexi-cam Custom Fitted Protective Carrying Case
    P376 flexi-cam Custom Fitted Protective Carrying CaseProtect your investment and lighten your load with this handy heavy duty fitted fabric case
  7. Supply of Substation Structures & Erection Drawings
    We can custom design a structure in lattice type or low profile type design
  8. Tripod Data Systems releases SOLO 3.1
    Tripod Data Systems (TDS) today released version 3.1 of both SOLO
  9. Couplings
    All FRIALEN® couplings are NSF approved, and 4" IPS through 20" IPS couplings are Factory Mutual approved up to 200 psi
  10. Warehousing
    We mainly provide space for our customers to store their goods and provide support for their logistics work.