Product Showcase

  1. Sybase iAnywhere Mobility Platform
    The rapid and enthusiastic adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare industry comes as no surprise. This is an industry that while steeped in tradition, is also driven by discovery and innovation.
  2. MemPulse® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

    The MEMCOR® MemPulse MBR enables municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant owners and operators to achieve superior effluent quality with up to 60% reduction footprint when compared to conventional activated sludge plants and at a lower total cost of ownership than competitive MBR processes. MemPulse MBR incorporates an aeration device that reduces energy consumption by up to 60% and a modular rack design that saves 30% on the footprint for the membrane operating system.

  3. CUDO™ Stormwater Management Systems
    The Cudo™ Stormwater Management Systems offers a new approach to underground stormwater storage, infiltration, treatment, rainwater harvesting, and other stormwater management needs. The product incorporate a unique arched design that adds structural integrity increased water storage, and enhanced inspection and maintenance access.
  4. TREEPOD™ Biofilter
    The TREEPOD™ Biofilter uses conventional tree box filter design criteria that has proven to be effective at the removal of ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants normally found in storm water runoff.
  5. OSEC® B-Pak On-Site Electrolytic Hypochlorite Generation Systems

    The OSEC® B-Pak Skid System is a fully automated, pre-packaged on-site hypochlorite system designed for fast and economical installation, safe operation and easy maintenance. Skids are shipped completely piped, wired and tested.

  6. OMNIPAC® SBR Field-Erected Treatment Plants

    OMNIPAC® SBR Field-Erected treatment system with Jet Tech technology are a cost-effective, proven advanced wastewater system utilizing a DAVCO™ pre-engineered and factory built steel circular tank design. OMNIPAC® field-erected SBR package plants are the perfect solution for a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater processing applications.

  7. FloGard® Perk Filter
    Continuing its long history of providing innovative stormwater management solutions to the development industry, KriStar Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a cartridge media filter, the Perk Filter, to its family of FloGard® products for post-construction Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  8. SmartMark™: Harsh Environment RFID Tags
    SmartMark Durable RFID tags and labels are constructed using custom laminations, UV-stabilized plastics, impact resistant rubber, and other durable materials. They offer a long-lasting solution for hard-to-tag items and difficult applications.
  9. Global Bay Mobile Solution For Inspections
    AccessPoint applications include a mobile capability for inspections, such as government agency inspections. AccessPoint enables agencies and inspectors to use mobile devices to complete licensing and inspection visits.
  10. Global Bay Housing Inspections
    Automate the inspection process. Equip field inspectors with information enhanced by smart logic that forces the right information to be collected every time. The customized application automatically detects entry errors and prompts the inspector, eliminating inaccuracies immediately.