Product Showcase

  1. Combination Sewer Valve
    Air & Vacuum Sewer Valves and Pressure Sewer Air Release Valves are piped together to perform a dual function at the high point on a line. After the Air & Vacuum Sewer Valve relieves the large volume of air in the line and seats, the Pressure Sewer Valve continues to release entrapped air and gas accumulations
  2. Maintenance Lifting Equipment: Davit Cranes
    The eme DAVIT Crane is a revelation around Water and Wastewater Sites! At just 31 lbs, the 1100CH DAVIT Crane is a boon to Operators and their backs
  3. Forty-X™ Disc Filter

    The Forty-X™ disc filter from Evoqua Water Technologies is the ultimate barrier in tertiary filtration. It captures more solids in a smaller footprint with a pleated media design and has evolved to incorporate X-tra's that are important in woven cloth media filtration

  4. North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments
    North Polar® Glove is Warm & Waterproof: Protect your hands with the North Polar® glove. This insulated, hard wearing leather palm work glove is made to keep your hands and wrists safe from ordinary work hazards while working in the biting cold. If you need a warm, waterproof general purpose work glove for cold work environments, then the North Polar Glove has you covered.
  5. VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration Systems

    Our VARI-CANT® jet aeration systems utilize proven principles of jet aeration, combined with state-of-the-art design and materials, resulting in a system with superior performance, efficiency and trouble-free operation.

  6. FloGard® LoPro™ Series Filters
    A modular filter designed to collect particulates, debris, metals and petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff
  7. MobileDataforce PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0
    PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is for rapid mobile application development. The PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is MobileDataforce's latest version of the PointSync® Mobility Platform, the next generation of the company’s award-winning rapid application development solution for mobile environments.
  8. Max Climber™ 6000 Passenger Hoist System
    Beta Max Inc. introduces its new Max Climber™ 6000 Passenger Hoist System
  9. Redesigned Howard Leight® AirSoft® Earplugs
    Hearing protection company Howard Leight has redesigned and updated its AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs
  10. Hydrant-Defender® Security System

    Mueller's Hydrant Defender security system provides fire hydrant security on two levels — prevents unauthorized access to nozzles and operating nut, and makes evidence of tampering clearly visible