Product Showcase

  1. SwaleGard® Grassy Swale Pre-Filter
    A self-contained pre-filter designed to collect sediment, debris and petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff prior to a grassy swale or bio-retention area
  2. North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  3. Envirex® Chain & Scraper Sludge Collector System

    The Envirex® Chain & Scraper Sludge Collector system is suited for primary, secondary, storm water collection and water plant service. It provides maximum sludge concentrations and scum or floating solids removal with minimal fuss, regardless of the size or application.

  4. RFID Anywhere
    Simplify the development and deployment of RFID solutions with RFID Anywhere.
  5. ZABOCS® Biological Odor Control

    The ZABOCS biological odor control system is a multi-media system which combines gas absorption, adsorption and biological treatment to capture and then eliminate organic and inorganic odors from wastewater process air streams.

  6. Stormceptor Pretreatment
    Stormceptor is ideal for pretreatment of conventional BMPs such as ponds, infiltration systems and wetlands - improving the aesthetics and effectiveness of these downstream facilities
  7. Parson MH Liner
    Parson MH Liner is a structural lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures with moderate corrosion
  8. MacWrap
    MacWrap, an external seal for pipe and manhole joints, is a strong, multi-layered, reinforced collar that is waterproof and flexible. It can be used with joints that have been damaged in handling, which may otherwise be rejected.
  9. SurSeal
    SurSeal is an External Manhole Frame/Chimney Seal which provides a permanent, flexible, watertight seal between the manhole casting and the concrete cone. It combines the advantages of a mechanical seal with the added assurance of a pliable gasket.
  10. Parson PermaSeal
    PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.