Product Showcase

  1. Mueller® Drilling & Tapping Equipment

    MUELLER Co. offers the most complete line of time proven drilling and tapping machines available.

  2. Scrub-IT 2100™
    Scrub-IT 2100 captures H2S (hydrogen sulfide) in a secure chemical grip that does not revert once the pH changes
  3. Parsonpoxy FS2
    PARSONPOXY FS2 is a 100% solids, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy paste that sets up in approximately 25 minutes and can be applied vertically, horizontally or overhead. Use to repair leaking or damaged manhole inverts.
  4. Parsonpoxy SEL-80
    Parsonpoxy SEL-80 is a 100% solids, two-component modified epoxy coating which provides excellent protection to concrete and steel sewage structures such as manholes, digesters, clarifiers, settling tank troughs, sluiceways, filter beds, concrete tile and weirs.
  5. Parson RPM Patching Material
    Rapid set, fiber reinforced patching material for manhole inverts and other structural repairs.
  6. Parson CA Liner 100
    Parson CA Liner 100 is a structural, corrosion resistant lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures.
  7. Parsonpoxy FP
    PARSONPOXY FP is a two component, flexible 100% solids polyamine epoxy. It is a high strength, corrosion resistant, waterproof epoxy that will bond to properly prepared concrete, metal, wood, or Fiberglass.
  8. ViewWise
    Computhink has years of experience providing document management, imaging, workflow, and forms recognition solutions to federal, state, and local government sectors. Computhink's document management system ViewWise has provided a solution that can fit your specific needs ranging from a departmental to an enterprise level.
  9. FLOODEX® Floodvents
    The Floodex Modular Flood Vent System was developed in direct response to these recent FEMA/NFIP/BOCA and major building code mandates for a method to automatically, that is, without any power source or human intervention, equalize hydrostatic pressure of floodwaters against both sides of foundation walls.
  10. Fury 400 Tank Washers
    The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel