1. Aerzen Delta Hybrid Case Study Video

    The first installation of the new technology — Aerzen's Rotary Lobe Compressor — saves 30% energy usage in the Huntington, NY Wastewater Treatment plant.

  2. Grey Eagle Casino Utilizes MBR System To Meet Advanced Wastewater Treatment Needs

    The Grey Eagle Casino was a new commercial venture by the Tsuu T’ina Nation, in partnership with Sonco Gaming (Alberta) Ltd. This casino and future hotel/entertainment project is located on Tsuu T’ina lands in southwest Calgary.  The location had no water and sewer services, and had tight standards for discharging the wastewater that ultimately goes into Pine Creek. Any discharge at this location required advanced treatment, including a highly filtered effluent, with nitrogen removal to levels below 10 mg/L total nitrogen, and phosphorus removal to levels less than 0.5 mg/L.

  3. Adding Intelligence To Your Aging Order Entry System To Maximize Profits
    For years the hand held industry has been a vital link in getting remote orders from the field to a corporate facility. It has been proven time and time again that the payback of “Just in Time” inventory produces cost savings by receiving an order within days rather than weeks. By Quest Solution
  4. The Value Of Green Infrastructure: A Guide To Recognizing Its Economic, Social, And Environmental Benefits
    “The Value of Green Infrastructure” provides a framework to help communities measure and value the air quality, energy use, and many other benefits that green infrastructure provides. It allows communities to more accurately compare different infrastructure investments and choose the option that provides the greatest long-term benefit. By American Rivers
  5. The Price Of Progress: Assessing The Need For A Mobile Computing Migration

    A choice of new mobile computing hardware can often have a significant impact on existing software applications and business processes. Perhaps the disruption of a complete overhaul of software and hardware, along with the associated business processes, is more change than a business can bear. Having the prerogative to phase in change on the timetable of your business versus the “rip and replace” timetable of technology is difficult to achieve. By Intermec

  6. Top 5 Tips For Choosing Mobile Printers
    This white paper explains the fundamentals, describes what differentiates mobile printers, and provides tips for selecting the model that will perform reliably, efficiently, and affordably in your operations. By Intermec, Inc.
  7. Motorola MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant
    The MC75 re-defines the standard for EDA mobile computers with simultaneous voice, data and GPS services as well as an unprecedented number of enterprise class features.
  8. California Mountain Town Cuts Salt Use, Doubles Disinfection

    The wastewater treatment facility of the remote mountain resort community of Pinecrest Lake bears the brunt of spring runoff and increased summer demands in the area's beautiful surroundings.

  9. White Paper: Investing In Wastewater Treatment Upgrades: Boosting The Triple Bottom Line
    Projects that improve wastewater treatment infrastructure can increase operating efficiency, help the local environment, provide economic benefits, improve the reliability of compliance, and enhance the community’s quality of life. Cities and water authorities can attain these benefits without investing their own capital up front and yet earn immediate long-term guaranteed cost savings. By Peter Cavagnaro, P.E., BCEE, Johnson Controls, Inc.
  10. Socket Mobile And SOTI Partner To Enable The Mobile Worker Anytime, Anywhere
    Socket Mobile, Inc., an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, recently announced a partnership with SOTI, Inc., a recognized leader in providing ground-breaking Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.